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Thing one: I hope you’ve seen this incredible copepod picture that’s been around the internet. I saw it at Deep Sea News and BoingBoing.

OK, cool photo, but what do copepods have to do with NYC nature? A great fact I learned last year through interesting adventures involving using the Yeshiva University’s library as a work space is that NYC drinking water is not kosher. Because of copepods! They are crustaceans, after all. New York’s wonderful drinking water comes from upstate, and the water is of such a high quality that the water doesn’t get filtered in a way that impedes the copepods from getting in our drinking glasses. So for restaurants and homes to be truly kosher in New York City, the water needs to be filtered. You can read more about this at this website that is all about kosher certification, and of course the New York Times. I find this sort of intersection of faith and science fascinating, personally.

Now onto some different New York City nature. Last week, New York experienced some of the strangest and most unpleasant weather in my tenure here: mid to high 70s, with nearly 100% humidity. It was pretty gross. You know who didn’t find it gross? Fungus. On my walk to work, I saw so many different kinds of fungus that I have never seen before!


Seriously, what is that? Is it just some normal stage in puffball life that I’ve never seen before? In any case, I thought it was super cool.


There were some other ones I couldn’t get good photos of, too, like some lovely blue mushrooms. I think fungus is very cool, but I admit to knowing very little about it, which makes me want to dig out my copy of Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds and do some reading.

And because it’s Friday, I’ll throw in a lollusk for good measure.
The new "Lollusk" GMO Cat-Snail

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